Ice blended Milo

Milk and I were never good friends. We are not even on talking terms now. Though I never detested it as much as egg, I always groaned and whined when my mom put the gigantic glass in front of me everyday, before and after school. I never drank it fully. I used to sit in front of it, sip little by little, complain about the temperature, play with the table cloth, till either my mom loses her patience (which never ends well) or I knock the glass down on the table, spilling the whole room with milk. She tried infusing it with Milo, Bournvita, Boost and still the same scenario played out. Of the lot, I preferred Milo (also because you always got something free with it). Like most kids, I loved it before it went into the milk. I really enjoyed sneaking into the store room to scoop spoonfuls of milo into my mouth.

Today as I drank the Ice Blended Milo, I was taken for a happy trip to my childhood. Hats off to Nasi and Mee, Kochi for concocting this perfect blend. The place offers authentic Asian cuisine, which was a little too bland for my taste. Mr.K’s order too made him make faces at me, which I had endure because I was the one who dragged him there. But this could probably be because our tastebuds are accustomed to the ‘Indian’ version of every cuisine, everything a little spiced up. My uncle, who lives in the US, says that the Chilly Chicken dish you get there tastes a lot different. Anyway, it was Milo that saved the day!

Though my face fell slightly at the size of the glass brought to the table (because my excitement towards food always clouds my analysing capabilities and I end up overestimating my appetite), the shake was never ending! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wishes to take a trip back in time or maybe just feel enough bliss to go “Mmmm..” after the first sip.

Maybe if mom had made it like this, I would have definitely asked her for it, every single day!

Lots of food,


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