Vegetarian Cutlet from ICH

This one is not a new find and I can certainly vouch that it has been had atleast once (or more) by every Indian. Despite hating almost everything “green” (read plants/vegetables) outside and on my plate, this one crept into my heart somehow.

The standard Vegetarian cutlet from Indian Coffee House (ICH) still makes my heart do a backflip. All it has is or all I think it has is Beetroot, Beetroot and more BEETROOT. And a peek-in by some potatoes maybe. Even though a part of brain tells me I shouldn’t like it on principle, as it is dance by vegetables, my taste buds tell me a different, more convincing tale. I love it. I also love the sauce they give along with it, which is a close cousin of the tomato ketchup we have normally.

The most amazing feat is that no matter which ICH you go to in India, this cutlet will taste exactly the same. I can’t vouch the same for the other items on their menu because I haven’t tried those everywhere. But this cutlet will be the same at any ICH, anywhere in India, probably even after another 50 years. I also suspect that they have this huge beetroot farm somewhere because they generously use it in most of their dishes. Even the masala in their Masala Dosa is red in colour from the beetroot in it!! That’s purely their signature. ICH is synonymous with beetroot.

If there is someone reading this who hasn’t had it before, please don’t cringe at the word ‘beetroot’. Try it, because I too hate beetroot in everything, but this.

And to others, now that I have refreshed your memory, find the nearest ICH and order this beauty. Just take a small piece with your spoon, dip it in that red sauce and scoop along with it some of the sliced onions they give as well. Now, just put it in your mouth before I come grab that spoon!

Lots of food,


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