Kathi Kebab Rolls

I have always loved Kathi rolls. In Kochi, the only place I found to satiate my craving for it was Dal Roti at Fort Kochi. Though it’s close by, trips to Fort Kochi doesn’t happen as frequently as I would like it to. Knowing my love for kathi rolls, Nizam’s Kathi Kebab at Connaught Place was the first place Mr.K took me to after reaching Delhi. He said that what I get at Nizam’s is as authentic as it would get and boy, he was so right.

I ordered the Single Chicken Single Egg Roll (minus the egg, so maybe I should call it Single Chicken Roll) and Mr.K had the Kali Mirch Chicken ‘N’ Egg Roll.

The rolls were steaming hot, but neither of us could wait as we hadn’t had breakfast or lunch that day. We tore through it like savages. The filling was generous and was thoroughly coated in the masala. But I would have liked mine a little more spicy. Even Mr.K’s “Kali Mirch Roll” wasn’t as spicy as the name claimed it to be. All the same, both were certainly yum. For me the highlight was the thick, soft roti. I loved it. I could have had it just like that, without any filling or curry to go with it! It was that good.

Though famous for their kathi rolls, Nizam’s menu also comes with a variety of curries, rotis & biriyani. The Kathi Kebab rolls are also available with mutton and vegetarian fillings. Fair warning though, the roll’s quite oily and simply the sight of it may cause a heart attack for the health conscious.

Lots of food,


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