Millionaire Brownie

Mr. K was so excited about going back to Delhi, where he lived for three years while he completed his under-graduate studies, that he could barely sit still on the flight. He was unusually loquacious too! It was alien for me as I am not used to being the calm one that does more of listening than talking. That’s him. So this time, for a change, I was the one rolling my eyes at the antics that unfurled.

As interested as I was about seeing his alma-mater and the historically famous places, I was mostly listing down eateries that aren’t there in Kerala (which is quite a lot). The one on the top of my list was Theobroma. I was told by many, including the lovely cousin of Mr.K’s who lives in Delhi, that their brownies are worth dying for.

So while we were at the DLF Cyberhub in Gurgaon, a geographically handicapped me was wandering around, my head buried in Google maps, trying to find the place which was just a few metres from where I stood (as always). And finally when I found it, I loved it!!

The whole setting was beautiful, scattered with small tables and light blue chairs. I could kick myself for not showing the patience to click a picture of the setting.

Now when they all gushed about the brownies, none of them told me about the types of brownies I will have to pick from! There were so many! The picture is just one side of the display. So after much thought and pacing around, I picked the Millionaire brownie. It was so, so, so good. I nearly lost my grasp on reality. The best part was Mr.K didn’t even want to try it, so I didn’t have to share! Yay!

The brownie was a mix of chocolate and caramel and that’s a match made in heaven. The brownies I have had and baked are usually fudgy and chewy, but this one surprised me by being really soft and silky. It was the best brownie I have had in my 25 years!

Mr.K ordered his standard choice at any patisserie, The Newyork style Cheesecake. That, however, was unbelievably unpleasant on the tastebuds. We were pushing the plate at each other and that rarely happens! So just imagine our plight. But it looked really pretty! And that’s yet another instance where looks turned out to be deceiving.

So please, please hunt down Theobroma wherever you go and gorge on their delectable brownies. It is surely worth it.

Lots of food,


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