Vazhayila Kizhi Biriyani

My favourite day (almost everyone’s) of the week is Saturday because my husband doesn’t have to go to work! I get to bug him and follow him around the house, all day! It sure is jolly when he is around. So yesterday, we decided to head to our favourite church at Vallarpadom, where we took most of the important decisions in our lives. It was a much needed visit. While heading back home, his eyes suddenly lit up and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

One of the best things about him is that food cravings hit him way before it hits me, so I don’t even have to ask! I just have to nod along. Biriyani was the obvious choice. Like I mentioned in my first post, we live for biriyani. We can eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner and still wonder if we can have some more.

We headed to Lulu Mall and for a change, we pushed aside our usual option for amazing biriyani – Paragon. We ordered Vazhayila Kizhi Biriyani from the Vazhayila outlet. (FYI – Vazhayila means Banana Leaf)

The biriyani was wrapped in a banana leaf, like a pouch, which is exactly what ‘kizhi‘ means. Here, the rice, protein & the spices (pre-cooked) are wrapped in a banana leaf, steamed and served as it is. The rice was flavoursome and strongly spiced, much to our liking. The chicken pieces were fried before being cooked with the rice, packing in a lot more flavour. Fair warning though, the quantity can be a little too much for one person. I really struggled to finish it and failed miserably!

Lots of food,



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